Microarray printing

  • Drop-on-demand inkjet dispensing technology is adaptable to a large range of liquids e.g. solvent-based or aqueous, beads
  • Contact-free dispensing: no risk of cross-contamination
  • High positioning accuracy

Microarrays are a commonly used tool in research and diagnostics. They come in a variety of shapes, e.g. DNA arrays, protein arrays, glycoarrays or bead arrays and allow for efficient multiplexed testing of patient samples. Microarrays consist of hundreds or thousands of spots arranged in a well-defined manner on a suitable surface (e.g. coated glass slide). 

The precise, repeatable spot placement and dispensing volumes of the Autodrop platforms can be ideally used for this purpose. Depending on the form of assay the array is used for, the spots can consist of different materials (e.g. different DNA oligos) requiring adaptability of the dispensing system.

Grid on slide & Grid in microtiter plate

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