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See the selection of microdrop's electronic for the dispensing of liquids in the picoliter range. These electronics are ideal for applications in various field like printed electronics, microlubrication and -bonding, wafer marking or the Life Science sector.
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Microdrop Dispensing System MD-E-5000

The MD-E-5000 Microdrop Dispensing System is the perfect ready-to-use system for the diverse field of microdispensing.

The control unit can be used with our Micro dispenser heads as well as our Autopipettes. A simultaneous use of up to 4x units is possible. The system can be controlled manually with the Microdrop Software via an user interface or externally via appropriate commands.

Convince yourself of the advantages of generating reliable single droplet spotting for liquids up to a viscosity of 10,000 mPas by using visual control of parameter settings. The size of the drop (~45-120 μm in standard mode) depends on the chosen inner nozzle diameter and the used liquid.

Microdrop OEM Controller MD-E-4000

The MD-E-4000 Microdrop OEM Controller is designed as a cartridge housing for 19'' subracks and be easily integrated into the existing workflow and adapts perfectly to the given working conditions. Like the MD-E-5000 system it is an ideal system for the diverse field of microdispensing.

Up to 2x Micro dispenser heads or our Autopipettes can be driven with this OEM controller. Using the software from microdrop or driving it externally via commands to control the system, both is possible.

Benefit from the advantages of a visual control for the set parameter and rely on having reliable single droplet for your application.


Download for software package of the camera (former version MD-E-3000)

If you need the software package for the camera, please use the following link for download:

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