Autodrop Platform

Autodrop Gantry II Family

The new serie of the Autodrop Gantry II Family provides a variety of application fields in given combination with several upgrade possibilities.
The Autodrop Gantry II is devided in:

  • Autodrop Gantry II Liquid Handling Spotter AD-P-9180, to drive up to 8x Autopipettes
  • Autodrop Gantry II Printing System AD-P-9140, to drive up to 4x Micro dispenser heads/ Autopipettes
  • Autodrop Gantry II Customized AD-P-9100, freely configurable

All systems unites a generous travel range in the standard version of 300mm x 300mm x 100mm with a positioning accuracy of ± 20µm each axes and a repetition accuracy of ±5µm each axes.

Printing System Autodrop Compact

The Autodrop Compact System is a versatile tool for inkjet printing and material deposition. In combination with microdrop dispenser heads or pipettes the Autodrop Compact enables an easy start for using inkjet technology in numerous fields.

The Graphics Design Editior allows the operator define own free designed pattern like curves and lines. Vector based graphic files (dxf-format) are importable.

The design of this tabletop unit provide the integration of different substrates on the platform. The Printing System Autodrop Compact is available to control up to two dispenser heads or pipettes.
The generous travel range of 210 mm x 210 mm x 110 mm (x-, y-, z-axis) makes the Printing System Autodrop Compact an ideal medium for R&D purposes and small batch production.

Printing System Autodrop Gantry

Autodrop Gantry System is a new device for inkjet printing and material deposition. microdrop Technologies makes a higher degree of automated production processes accessible to their customers.

The opportunity to integrate different microdrop dispenser variations like dispenser heads, pipettes and valves in combination with placing larger substrates or multiple microtiter plates makes the Autodrop Gantry System an improvement in the range of existing handling systems.

Furthermore the option to adapt industrial feeding systems is still given. Autodrop Gantry System can be driven with up to eight mircrodrop dispenser heads, pipettes or dispensing valves.

Large size printable area of 360 mm x 600 mm x 100 mm makes the Autodrop Gantry System to an ideal platform for inline-production. The substrate will be fixed while the dispenser units are movable.

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